Young teens playing ball hockey.

Canadian Youth Videos

Canada’s Sports Hall of Fame is encouraging people across the country to contribute to our online forum which will showcase Canada’s Greatest Sports Moments. Whether you are an aspiring Olympian, a professional, an amateur, or just a sports enthusiast, you can partake in preserving and showcasing the excellence of Canadian sports from your own personal videos.

Canada’s Sports Hall of Fame challenges you to upload a video of your very own greatest sports moment. It could be a video of you playing sports when you were a toddler, or maybe it was a video your friend captured on their phone during a high school intramural game. The options are truly endless especially in today’s technologically hooked world.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but a video is simply priceless. The beauty of uploading your video on our virtual museum is that not only is it digitally archived for people across Canada to view for decades, but you are also making a personal contribution to promote the historical significance of priceless sports moments in Canada.

Submit your own Greatest Moments

We encourage submission of videos in both official languages. Please submit your own greatest moment here.