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Canadian Youth Videos

Instructions for video submission:

Step One: Log into your YouTube account.

Step Two: Upload your Greatest Sporting Moments video.

Step Three: Select the “SHARE” button (located underneath your video), then select “EMBED”.

Step Four: Check the box “Use old embed code” and choose “640x360” as the size.

Step Five: Copy the “Embed Code” and return to and paste it in the "YouTube Video Link" section below.

Step Six: You must fill in your NAME, E-MAIL ADDRESS and VIDEO DESCRIPTION before you press SUBMIT.

Or e-mail your video to

All fields are Mandatory

Once your Greatest Sporting Moment video is approved, your content will appear in this online exhibit.

If you would like your video submission removed from this online exhibit please e-mail: with the subject field labelled VIDEO REMOVAL.

LEGAL DISCLAIMER: All material uploaded for approval will become property of Canada’s Sports Hall of Fame. By uploading your video, you are agreeing to allow Canada’s Sports Hall of Fame to use your content for the purposes of this online exhibit. If you accept these terms and conditions, you are affirming that you have the rights to the videos you are uploading.

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