Videos: Jean Béliveau, Ice Hockey

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Video Transcript

I was only 15 and I was playing for the school and I was playing for the City of Victoriaville. They had a kind of an intermediate league where all ages, at 15 I was playing against 25 years old players. And I always thought that this didn’t hurt me. On the contrary because those guys were physically stronger than I was... so you had to force yourself, and when you’re forcing yourself I think that’s where you really learn.

After my two years with the Quebec Citadel’s Junior, one night with the general managers of the Quebec Citadel’s we were having a meal and I said to the two of them what can I do to really thank the people of Quebec City for the way they have treated me. And that’s where we decided maybe it would be a good thing to play with the Quebec Aces. I was in no hurry. I was well treated by people of Quebec City but my dream in the back of my head was to play for Canadiens.

’56 cup that was my first one. After being so close at ’54 and ’55. And on a personal basis no doubt that not only the Cup but the all the others success of the team, indirectly I suppose I told myself winning all those trophies and honours, I must have done I must have a good year. Which to me was not that important personally as long as the team got the success.

Every time I was stepping on the ice the only thing I had in my mind was to help my team and contribute to the success of the team and the organization. One time somebody asked me how do you want to be remembered? And right away, right away I said that I was a team player. To me the success of the organization passed way ahead of my personal success.

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